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2018 UNRWA Uprising UNRWA encourages Palestinian refugees to take their 'right of return' through violence and force of arms, as is demonstrated in the bloody 'March of the Return' at the Israel-Gaza border, where dozens have been killed in violent riots.
2018 Inside UNRWA Refugee Camp in Shuafat The official trailer from a new film released in February, 2018 - with an inside look at the Shuafat refugee camp in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem.


UNRWA in Jerusalem

A news segment with Gal Berger, showing life in the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem.

2017                    From UNRWA to            
UNRWA is indoctrinating its pupils to conduct religious war     
against Israel, using the 'Al-Aqsa' libel, inciting youngsters to
kill Jews.      
2017 The Legacy of UNRWA
(English subtitles)
(Hebrew subtitles)
New hard hitting UNRWA policy film


Stop Child Abuse: UNRWA Prepares Child Soldiers for War

Palestinian refugee children, under the auspices of UNRWA, are educated for war against Israel. 



UNRWA Road to Terror: Palestinian Classroom Incitement

The Center for Near East Policy Research engaged a team of senior journalists who have produced a new short film on the incitement taking place in UNRWA facilities in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.


Mohammad Assaf: War Song for UNRWA

Mohammad Assaf is the official UNRWA ambassador, whose motto is 'peace starts here.' His war songs show exactly the opposite.


Iran: Billions for Terror

With billions of assets ​which may soon be ​unfrozen for Iran, this film interviews boy and girl​ ​students ​from​ UNRWA schools in Gaza, as they ​learned to become child soldiers at ​ Hamas military training camp​s​ this summer ,​using ​a massive weapons arsenal provided by Teheran. All interviews​ were ​ conducted on location in Gaza.


Children's Army of Hamas

This short film shows how Hamas continues to indoctrinate children to engage in acts of terror. Shot on location in Gaza, the film features interviews with leaders of Hamas and students who live in UNRWA facilities and number 17,000 young teens now being recruited and exploited for Hamas' army.


UNRWA Goes to War

UNRWA has been hijacked by Hamas, as the 'Protective Edge' War revealed rockets stored and fired from UNRWA facilites. Students indoctrinated to wage war and jihad in hamas-run kutla (youth) clubs and schools with Hamas-run teachers unions.



Camp Jihad

Filmed at UNRWA summer camps, interviews with staff and youth showing the promoting of a violent ‘right of return’ and hatred of Jews.


Inside the UNRWA Classroom

Inside the UNRWA classrooms, showing the educational programming for violent ‘right of return.’


UNRWA Right of Return Summer Camp

Summer camp activities in UNRWA camps, promoting the right of return. Interviews with staff and students.


Palestinian Refugee Policy: From Despair to Hope - Part 1

UNRWA educational policies, textbooks, comparing UNRWA to UNHCR, re-settling a Palestinian refugee family in Chile, UNRWA questionable policies, interviews with UNRWA staff and profiles of UNRWA students turned suicide killers. Highlighting the terror groups operating within UNRWA facilities.


For the Sake of Nakba

Exposing the UNRWA policies promoting ‘right of return’ through armed struggle, a look at UNRWA schools, camps, educational policies and ‘Nakba Day’ activities. An interview with UNRWA spokesman, Chris Gunness.



Hostages of Hatred - Part 1

Our first documentary film on UNRWA. UNRWA policies examined.


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