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Terrorism and UNRWA

  • One of the greatest dangers to the State of Israel which originate in UNRWA is the agency’s ties to terrorist entities and operatives.
  • In recent years, UNRWA employees have been arrested and found guilty in Israeli courts of throwing Molotov cocktails at an Israeli bus, and of possession and transferring of bomb-making materials.
  • 41 UNRWA school pupils and graduates became suicide bombers, killed 83 people and wounded 436.
  • UNRWA facilities, including schools, are used for training and storing weapons and munitions.  Armed terrorist orperatives from among the residents of the refugee camps reside in them on a permanent basis and even use them as launching pads for mortar attacks against Israeli forces.
  • Hamas, through the delegates of the Islamic Bloc, has won the elections for the UNRWA teachers’ union in the Gaza Strip a number of times, which enables it to carry out special educational activities in these schools.  These activities and programs educate and direct the children toward joining Hamas’ Military Wing, waging jihad against Israel and dying as a martyr (shaheed) - becoming a suicide bomber.  Hamas founder, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, was a teacher in the UNRWA school system for 17 years!
  • UNRWA does not carry out adequate checks to ensure its employees are not members of Palestinian terrorist organizations.
  • Over the years, senior UNRWA officials have made remarks of a political, tendentious, and anti-Israeli nature that justify rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip. 

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