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December, 2015

The First UNRWA Policy Forum at The Knesset

Mk Smotrich hosted the Center for Near East Policy Research to present their latest findings on UNRWA at The Knesset, as part of the UNRWA Reform Initiative.

March, 2015

Bassem Eid at the U.N. in Geneva

Bassem Eid discusses human rights at the U.N. in Geneva in a discussion titled, 'Human Rights and Hamas - Is There Such a Thing?'

December, 2014

Henry Jackson Society Event at the British Parliament: 'Perpetuating Statelessness? UNRWA Its activities and its Funding'

On the 4th December, The Henry Jackson Society hosted an event with Bassem Eid, Director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group; Dr. Arnon Groiss, Deputy Director of IBA’s Arabic Radio and experienced translator of Arabic schoolbooks; and David Bedein, Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research and Founder of The Israel Resource News Agency. The three speakers brought their personal perspectives to the discussion and called for auditing of the funds allocated to UNRWA, making sure that the UNRWA curriculum stops incorporating principles of martyrdom and “right to return” through use of arms, and dismissing those UNRWA officials who have clear and proven links to Hamas.

March, 2012

Briefing at the Canadian Parliament: UNRWA Reform Initiative

March 27, 2012: Presentations by David Bedein, Dr. Arnon Groiss and Jonathan D. Halevi with Mark Adler, MP.


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