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The UNRWA Reform Initiative - Scope of Our Work




September, 2019

Profile of Mohammad Assaf: UNRWA Goodwill Ambassador for Peace

(English Version)
(Hebrew Version)

Mohammad Assaf, who grew up in an UNRWA refugee camp in Gaza's Khan Younis, was named the UNRWA 'Goodwill Ambassador for Peace.' He is now one of the most popular Palestinian singers today, yet his message of armed resistance and 'right of return' through force of arms is in direct contradiction to a UN organization, whose motto is 'Peace Starts Here...' 


September, 2019

Israel, Jews and Peace in Palestinian Authority Teachers’ Guides

Israel, Jews and Peace in the Palestinian Authority Teachers' Guides is the last in a series of four studies within an extensive research project that started in 2015 and aimed at checking the attitude of the Palestinian Authority (PA) curriculum to the Jewish-Israeli “other” within the ongoing conflict and to the possibility of solving that conflict peacefully. The three previous studies covered 364 schoolbooks of all grades in various subjects that were published between 2013 and 2018. The present study touches this subject from a different perspective – that of the Palestinian teachers. It is based on 89 teachers’ guides published in 2016-2018.


February, 2019

UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos
(English version)

(Hebrew Version)

The human tragedy of life in the UNRWA refugee camp of Shuafat, in the heart of Jerusalem and the detrimental effect on its' residents. Crime, terror, drugs, mismanagement and filth are some of the scourges of daily life in Shuafat. 


February, 2019

SPECIAL REPORT: Palestinian Authority Teachers’ Guides: Examples of Conflict-Related Indoctrination By Arnon Groiss

A short outline of the latest Palestinian Authority 'teachers guides' - (Full report to be published shortly).


February, 2019

UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos
(English version)

(Hebrew Version)

The human tragedy of life in the UNRWA refugee camp of Shuafat, in the heart of Jerusalem and the detrimental effect on its' residents. Crime, terror, drugs, mismanagement and filth are some of the scourges of daily life in Shuafat. 


October, 2018

Short Film: The Terror of Return

The Center for Near East Policy Research produced it's latest film shot on location on the Gaza border in the summer of 2018, showing how UNRWA's dangerous 'right of return' policy is the ideological foundation with which the next generation of children are brainwashed to believe.  


October, 2018

Briefing: United Nations / United Nations Correspondents Association

On October 17th, The Center for Near East Policy Research provided a briefing at the United Nations Correspondents Association at the UN in New York, followed by a confidential briefing for officials of the UN Secretary General's office about the lethal nature of UNRWA.


June, 2018


Swedish Parliament

The Center for Near East Policy Research presented the newly released film, UNRWA Uprising and the latest edition of the Palestinian text books used in UNRWA schools, This was the CFNEPR’s second  briefing in the Swedish Parliament. Member of Knesset Sharren Haskel, head of  “Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Reform”’’ , UNRWA education expert Dr. Arnon Groiss and CFNEPR director David Bedein presented a comprehensive report on UNRWA indiscretions to Swedish policy makers.


May, 2018

Short Film: UNRWA Uprising

Short movie shows how UNRWA encourages descendants of Palestinian refugees to conduct a violent campaign to achieve their 'right of return' by force of arms, as exemplified in the bloody 'March of the Return' at the Israel-Gaza border, where dozens were  killed in violent riots.


April, 2018

Briefing for senior US official at the United Nations

Introducing concerns to a senior advisor of the Hon. Nikki Haley at the U.S. legation office at the UN in New York over the UNRWA war education curriculum, the newly hired PR firm engaged by UNRWA, the blockage of the U.S. GAO congressional investigation report on UNRWA schools from the public and from the US Congress, the illegal Hamas-UNRWA ties and the newly formed “Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Reform.”



March, 2018

Briefing: U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, Heritage Foundation, United Nations

During the first week of March, 2018, the Center for Near East Policy Research conducted briefings at the U.S. Congress, the office of the U.N. Secretary General (the second meeting) and the Heritage Foundation. ​The message: Adopt ​the “​UNRWA Reform Initiative​.”​



March, 2018

Briefing: Knesset UNRWA Policy Forum

The Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Reform held its 3rd session on March 12, 2018, was hosted by MK Sharren Haskel.


March, 2018

Special Report: Anti-Semitism in UNRWA Education

Since UNRWA uses the PA schoolbooks with no omissions or amendments, it actually becomes full partner of the PA anti-Israeli and, sometimes, anti-Semitic indoctrination. Anti-Semitic expressions in such schoolbooks have existed throughout UNRWA’s seven-decade activity, mostly within the context of the conflict, but also in the religious context.



February, 2018

Briefing: Jerusalem Municipality Special Session on Violence Emanating from UNRWA in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Municipal Commission Against Violence invited CFNEPR to conduct a special session on violence emanating from UNRWA facilities in Jerusalem.



February, 2018

Special Report: Updated Study of PA School books (2018 edition) used by UNRWA

This paper is the final update of two former studies. It reviewed UNRWA’s role in perpetuating the Middle East conflict, having used for decades textbooks that delegitimize the State of Israel and the very presence of its Jewish citizens in the country, demonize both Israel and Jews in various contexts and advocate a violent struggle against it instead of peace and coexistence.



February, 2018

Trailer: Inside the UNRWA Refugee Camp in Shuafat, Jerusalem

The official trailer from a new film released in February, 2018 - with an inside look at the Shuafat refugee camp in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem.



January, 2018

UNRWA in Jerusalem

A joint production with correspondent Gal Berger of ‘Kan’ Israeli TV news, which features interviews with children in the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem.


December, 2017

Special Report: Comprehensive Study of all 2017 Palestinian Authority / UNRWA School books

Our first comprehensive study on all 2017 Palestinian Authority school books used in UNRWA schools published by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. This study was partially underwritten by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.





Briefing: Knesset UNRWA Policy Forum

“The Knesset Lobby to Reform UNRWA” held its second session on Monday, Nov. 27, at the Jerusalem Hall in the Knesset, chaired by MK Sharren Haskel, who has taken the leadership to demand full disclosure, accountability and transparency from donor nations who render $1.2 billion of assistance to UNRWA, an agency which seems to promote “Palestinian refugee life in perpetuity”, for the families of Arab refugees from the 1948 war.





Briefing: Office of U.S. Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO)

Experts from The Center for Near East Policy Research and The Simon Wiesenthal Center presented a new study to Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) on Tuesday blasting UNRWA for allegedly including calls for indoctrination and violence in its curriculum.





Special Report:

Hamas continues to operate freely in UNRWA schools in GAZA

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi submits report to MP Michael Levitt at the Canadian Parliament, to correct the notion that Hamas no longer controls administration and education of UNRWA in Gaza. Reason for submission: Canada withdrew finance from UNRWA general fund in 2010, following CFNEPR report which documented Hamas victory in the UNRWA union elections and Canadian resumption of funding to UNRWA in 2016.


October, 2017

Special Report: UNRWA - A UN Agency Encourages Children to Engage in Acts of War

Academic paper systematic inculcation of violence as a value taught in the UNRWA educational system.



September, 2017

From UNRWA to Al-Aqsa

New context of UNRWA: Religious war to kill Jews in the name of Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem and the ‘right of return.’




Launch of the Official Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Policy Reform

The Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Policy Reform, chaired by MK Sharren Haskel (Likud), was formed at its first offical meeting on July 20, 2017 at The Knesset.




Short Film: Stop Child Abuse: UNRWA Prepares Child Soldiers for War

Palestinian refugee children, under the auspices of UNRWA, are indoctrinated for war against Israel, in violation of the UN treaties which forbid the use of child soldiers.


March, 2017

Short Film: Legacy of UNRWA


New hard hitting UNRWA policy film, which consolidates audio-visual research of the past eight years.


January 2017

Briefing: The Knesset - UNRWA Reform Initiative

The Center held a briefing on the latest translation of the PA textbooks used in UNRWA schools. The briefing, entitled ‘Indoctrination for War Against the Jews’ was hosted by MK Aliza Lavie.



Briefing: The Offices of U.S. Senator Risch

Center director, David Bedein, travelled to the U.S. to meet with Senator Risch and his staffers on the subject of the Palestinian textbooks used in PA and UNRWA schools and terror groups operating in UN facilities. The meeting resulted in an unprecedented official request for the U.S. 'General Accounting Office' to conduct an official inquiry into terror groups involvement in UNRWA education.



July 2016

Breifing: The Knesset The UNRWA Reform Initiative

Member of Knesset Yehuda Glick hosted the UNRWA Reform Initiative briefing for journalists and diplomats of those donor nations that fund UNRWA.


May 2016 

Special Report: Confronting Human Rights Abuses in the Palestinian Authority

Human Rights expert, Bassem Eid, details the human rights violations in the Palestinian Authority territories. This special report published by the UK's Henry Jackson Society think-tank was presented at their offices in the UK to members of the British Parliament.


May 2016

Documentary Film: UNRWA Road to Terror: Palestinian Classroom Incitement

The Center for Near East Policy Research engaged a team of senior journalists who have produced a new short film on the incitement taking place in UNRWA facilities in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.



January 2016

Special Report: Israel and Jews in the Latest Palestinian Authority Textbooks

This report presents translations and analysis from the latest Palestinian Authority textbooks taught in PA and UNRWA schools. Demonization, delegitimization, advocacy of violent struggle rather than peace and jihad, martyrdom and the ‘right of return.’


December 2015

Briefing: First UNRWA Policy Forum at The Knesset (VIDEO)

The first- ever ‘UNRWA Policy Forum’ at The Knesset features UNRWA experts and testimonials from Dr. Arnon Groiss, Palestinian UNRWA refugee Bassem Eid, Adi Schwartz, David Bedein and was hosted by MK Smotrich.


December 2015

Short Film: Mohammad Assaf: War Song for UNRWA

Examining the latest song by UNRWA Ambassador Mohammad Assaf, which calls for a violent struggle against Israel.


December 2015

Special Report: What do Syrians Learn in their Schools

An evaluation of Syrian school books in relation to Jews and Israel.


November, 2015

Special Report: Required Changes in PA Textbooks to Conform with Peace Policies Advocated by the U.S. and E.U.

Recommendations to the U.S. and E.U. in suggesting how the position of UNRWA can and should comply with U.S. and E.U. standards of ‘peace’ policies.


October, 2015

Special Report: Israel and Jews in the Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks

Special report and translations of the PA schoolbooks from 2000-2006, outlining the demonization and delegitimization of Israel and the Jewish people.


September 2015

Documentary Film: Iran: Billions for Terror

This film details Iran’s direct funding of terrorism to its proxy military operatives, Hezbollah and Hamas. With billions of dollars of unfrozen assets expected to be unfrozen and available to Iran, Iranian leaders have stated that they will continue to fund Hamas. This film includes interviews with boy and girl child soldiers of Hamas, who describe their intention to destroy Israel, with guns, and other weapons. The interviews and video of UNRWA-educated children was filmed in Gaza in the summer of 2015.




Special Report: From Tehran to UNRWA: The New U.S.-UNRWA Accord

Commentary on the latest U.S. - UNRWA accord, the Hamas presence in UNRWA and the UNRWA school curriculum.


March, 2015

Documentary Film: Children’s Army of Hamas

This short film shows how Hamas continues to indoctrinate children to engage in acts of terror. Shot on location in Gaza, the film features interviews with leaders of Hamas and students who live in UNRWA facilities and number 17,000 young teens now being recruited and exploited for Hamas' army.


December, 2014

Henry Jackson Society Event at the British Parliament

The Henry Jackson Society hosted an event with Bassem Eid, Director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group; Dr. Arnon Groiss, Deputy Director of IBA’s Arabic Radio and experienced translator of Arabic schoolbooks; and David Bedein, Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research and Founder of The Israel Resource News Agency. The three speakers brought their personal perspectives to the discussion and called for auditing of the funds allocated to UNRWA, making sure that the UNRWA curriculum stops incorporating principles of martyrdom and “right to return” through use of arms, and dismissing those UNRWA officials who have clear and proven links to Hamas.


December, 2014

Special Report: Proud Palestinians Must Lead the Fight to Reform UNRWA

Special report on UNRWA reform by an UNRWA refugee and Palestinian human rights activist, Bassem Eid.


October, 2014

Briefing: Canadian Parliament

Presenting the latest film, ‘UNRWA Goes to War,’ for Parliamentarians and the discussing the UNRWA / Hamas cooperation over the ‘Protective Edge’ war.


October, 2014

Special Report: Anti-Semitism in New PA Schoolbooks used in UNRWA Schools: 2001-2014

Summary of anti-semitic motifs found in PA schoolbooks used in UNRWA schools, since the publication of the latest books introduced by the PA in September, 2000.





Documentary Film: UNRWA Goes to War

UNRWA has been hijacked by Hamas, as the 'Protective Edge' War revealed rockets stored and fired from UNRWA facilities. Students indoctrinated to wage war and jihad in Hamas-run ‘Kutla’ (youth) clubs and schools with Hamas-run teachers unions.


August, 2014

Policy Paper for Submission to the UN

UNRWA as a convenient surrogate for terrorist organizations.




Briefing at Capital Hill: UNRWA Reform Initiative

Briefing on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. on May 21, 2014 entitled “Is UNRWA Part of the Problem or Solution?”




Briefing at the United Nations: UNRWA Reform Initiative

Participated in a briefing on May 19, 2014 entitled “UNRWA: Providing Humanitarian Relief or Prolonging the Palestinian Refugee Problem?” Held at the United Nations, organized by the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ).




Special Report: NGO Funders of UNRWA

List of NGO’s that currently fund UNRWA.


January, 2014

Special Report: UNRWA’s Problematic Educational Role in the Middle East Conflict

Special report presented to donor nations that fund UNRWA, outlining fundamental principles of UNRWA educational policies.




Book: Roadblock to Peace - How the UN Perpetuates the Arab-Israeli Conflict: UNRWA Policies Reconsidered

Authored by David Bedein, outlining UNRWA’s policies and how they are perpetuating the Arab-Israeli wars.


March, 2014

Briefing: British Parliament - UNRWA Reform Initiative

MP Blackman hosted this parliamentary event at the House of Commons. Dr. Arnon Groiss and Jonathan HaLevi presented the DFID with UNRWA educational materials and asked if they would conduct an evaluation of UNRWA education, which prepares half a million Palestinian students in UNRWA schools to engage in a war. Camp Jihad was also screened for attendees.


February, 2014

Briefing: The Knesset - The UNRWA Reform Initiative

Hosted by MK Chetboun on the subject of the new Palestinian Authority textbooks. Dr. Arnon Groiss displayed the newest textbooks in use in the UNRWA schools and explained the objective ways to evaluate the new textbooks. Dr. Einat Wilf addressed the subject of reforming UNRWA practices on the path to peace.


June, 2013

Briefing - The Knesset: The UNRWA Reform Initiative

Briefing on the UNRWA curriculum of war and screening of ‘Inside the UNRWA Classroom’ for international diplomats and NGO’s.



Documentary Film: Camp Jihad

Filmed at UNRWA summer camps, interviews with staff and youth showing the promoting of a violent ‘right of return’ and hatred of Jews.



Documentary Film: Inside the UNRWA Classroom

Inside the UNRWA classrooms, showing the educational programming for violent ‘right of return.’



Critiques of the Wexler Commission Study of Middle East School Books

Consolidation of articles and reports on the flawed State Department commissioned ‘Wexler’ study of Palestinian Authority textbooks used in UNRWA schools.


March, 2012

Briefing at the Canadian Parliament: UNRWA Reform Initiative

March 27, 2012: Presentations by David Bedein, Dr. Arnon Groiss and Jonathan D. Halevi.


March, 2012

Special Report: UNRWA As a Violator of Human Rights

Human rights implications and impact of UNRWA policies and practices.


January, 2012

Briefing at Capitol Hill: UNRWA Reform Initiative

Presentation of UNRWA educational materials and discussion with Rep. Chris Smith (R - N.J.) on the subject of education reform.



Book: Where Has All the Flour Gone

A book on UNRWA authored by David Bedein, featuring the politicized policies of UNRWA and its’ role in stalling advancement and reconciliation in the region.


October, 2011

Special Report: UNRWA Schools in Gaza - A Greenhouse for Hamas

Hamas infiltration of UNRWA teachers union and ‘Kutla’ youth clubs and a profile of several Hamas terrorists that came out of these schools.


September, 2011

Special Report: Teaching the Right of Return on UNRWA’s Schools

Translations of text taken directly from Palestinian Authority schoolbooks used in UNRWA schools.



Comparative Chart: UNRWA vs. UNHCR

Outlining the statistical data for UNRWA and the UNHCR.


August, 2011

Special Report: UNRWA’s Anti-Israel Bias

Misrepresentation of situation in Gaza, promoting the flotilla, whitewashing of Hamas, new commissioner and his political stance and politicizing UNRWA.




Special Report: UNRWA Association with Hamas

‘Right of return’ radicalism in UNRWA camps and hamas takeover of UNRWA staff, schools and youth clubs.



Documentary Film: UNRWA Right of Return Summer Camp

Summer camp activities in UNRWA camps, promoting the right of return. Interviews with staff and students.




Special Report: The Case for Reforming UNRWA

UNRWA changing its tactics alluding to reform, activities of John Ging, operating policies and the right of return. Incitement and terror groups embedded in UNRWA, textbooks not recognizing Israel/the ‘other,’ conclusions.



Documentary Film: Palestinian Refugee Policy: From Despair to Hope

UNRWA educational policies, textbooks, comparing UNRWA to UNHCR, re-settling a Palestinian refugee family in Chile, UNRWA questionable policies, interviews with UNRWA staff and profiles of UNRWA students turned suicide killers. Highlighting the terror groups operating within UNRWA facilities.



December, 2010

Special Report: The Palestinian Refugees on the Day After Independence

Implications of the ‘right of return.’




The Incitement Report: Vol. I, Issue 5

Official Palestinian Authority incitement and slander against Israel. Official UNRWA incitement in the case of the flotilla ‘Mavi Marmara.”


June, 2010

Briefing at Capitol Hill: UNRWA Reform Initiative

Screening ‘For the Sake of Nakba’ and a presentation by Arlene Kushner of the subject of Palestinian refugees.


April, 2010

The Incitement Report: Vol. I, Issue 4

Addresses the misrepresentations and incitement routinely found amongst UNRWA representatives.



Documentary Film: For the Sake of Nakba

Exposing the UNRWA policies promoting ‘right of return’ through armed struggle, a look at UNRWA schools, camps, educational policies and ‘Nakba Day’ activities. An interview with UNRWA spokesman, Chris Gunness.


August, 2009

Special Report: UNRWA: Its Role in Gaza

UNRWA’s position during the ‘Cast Lead’ war, Hamas connections, public statements by UNRWA, IDF and UNRWA.


March, 2009

Monograph Prepared for the European Parliament: UNRWA in Gaza & Terror Groups: The Connection

Hamas domination of teachers unions in Gaza, UNRWA workers elections, officials support for armed struggle, teachers promote martyrdom, terror takeover of ‘Kutla’ youth clubs, ‘Islamic Jihad’ presence in UNRWA schools, and PFLP presence in UNRWA schools.


November, 2008

Special Report: Overview and Policy Critique

UNRWA history, operational data, finances, rolls, mandate, policies and its’ effect on refugees, terror, political agenda and questionable practices.



Special Report: A Hard Look At An Agency in Trouble

UNRWA inaction, denials, responsibilities and conclusions.


January, 2005

Briefing at Capitol Hill: UNRWA Reform Initiative

Briefing for staffers of the U.S. House International Relations Committee members on the subject of official Palestinian Authority textbooks as the fomenters of violence among youth in the territories.



Film: Hostages of Hatred

Our first short documentary film on UNRWA.


October, 2003

Special Report: UNRWA Links to Terrorism

Overview of UNRWA, terrorism links, evidence, UNRWA attitudes and lack of action, denials and responsibilities, conclusions.


March, 2003

Special Report

Statistical data on UNRWA as of 2002, analysis, UNRWA policies, terror in the camps, conclusions.



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